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OsomeFood, a brand that aims to champion instant nutrition, was launched after more than a decade of food engineering and continuous modification. An in-house name established by Wholesome Savour Pte Ltd, OsomeFood goes beyond the vegan label, and aims to provide nutrition despite the fast-paced lifestyle today. This concept of wellness and nutrition through diet is supported and backed by a panel of medical specialists. Through innovating new methods of creating nutritional and sustainable food, OsomeFood has designed the best food alternatives using mycoprotein and other fresh plant-based ingredients. Mycoprotein is a source of protein that is high in fibre and low in saturated fat. It contains all nine amino acids and is a better quality protein compared to protein that can be found in beans and soy. Dietary fibre has been proven to maintain healthy blood glucose levels and improve gut immunity.


While most brands pride on being vegan, OsomeFood products are filled with optimum nutrition designed for the body, which packs a punch for your immune system, especially so during, as well as after this Covid-19 pandemic.